IOTA seeks to make participation in its conferences accessible to scholars in different financial circumstances. Through a generous gift from the Orthodox Theological Society in America (OTSA), IOTA will award ten competitive travel grants that will provide a four-night hotel stay and waived registration for our Inaugural Conference in Iasi, Romania on 9-12 January 2019

Eligibility Requirements

 In order to be eligible for the grant, each applicant must:

  1. Be a current IOTA member. If you are not a member, join here.
  2. Have her/ his proposal accepted in the Inaugural Conference Program as a paper in a regular session. Note: Those whose papers have been accepted as short communications are not eligible.
  3. Be affiliated with the Orthodox Church. Note: Oriental Orthodox and other Eastern Christians are welcome too.
  4. Have received a Ph.D. degree or equivalent (e.g., D. Phil., “Candidate of Sciences,” etc.) after January 1, 2010 or currently be studying towards a doctoral degree. Note: applicants with the permanent Master’s degrees are not eligible.

Each grant will be awarded based on a combination of merit and need, following the recommendations of a panel appointed by the IOTA Board.

Grant Terms

The Travel Grant provides a four-night hotel stay for the duration of IOTA’s Inaugural Conference in Iasi, Romania, arriving on January the 9th and departing on January the 13th. If a grant recipient stays for fewer than four nights, the remaining award amount carries no cash value and cannot be applied to other travel expenses, such as air travel. Grant recipients who wish to stay in Iasi longer will be financially responsible for the extra nights and will need to make their own arrangements with the hotel management. In addition, the grant provides free conference registration. No papers may be presented in absentia.

All applicants will be notified in August 2018.

 Application Process

Submit the completed application, including a CV (Resume), to Mr. Michael Ardichvili at before June 30, 2018. For the application form click on Travel-Grant-Application-2019


Incomplete applications will not be eligible and cannot be resubmitted, and no applications will be accepted after June 30, 2018.