There are many ways that you can support the mission of IOTA.

 Type of Sponsorship  Amount  Benefits
 Institutional Membership $1,000 and up  $1,000 provides membership for the first 10 members of a member institution; $2,000 for up to twenty individual members, and so on
Conference Exhibit Booth $2,000 Provides table, shelves, and logo of a member institution at the IOTA conference
Banquet Co-Sponsorship $3,000 Listed as one of the co-sponsors of the Conference Banquet; the Institution’s Logo is displayed at the Banquet
 Travel Grant Sponsorship $3,500 Provides travel grants for the conference housing and registration for ten speakers
 Coffee Break Sponsorship $5,000 Sponsorship of one coffee break is printed in the program
Wine Reception Sponsorship $10,000 Institution hosts one wine reception for one hour before dinner on one of the days of the conference
Conference Program Sponsorship $25,000 Institution is listed as a co-sponsor of the Conference on the Conference Program, other terms to be discussed
Benefactor Sponsorship $50,000 Provides funds for conference preparation, advertisement, and dissemination of conference results through videos and publications; provides funds for Chairs’ Symposia
Sustainer Sponsorship $100,000 Provides funds for IOTA’s conferences and other related activities, such as educational and research projects
Endowment Fund $500,000 Makes IOTA’s work sustainable long-term
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