Travel Grant Winners

We are delighted to announce our Travel Grant Recipients for IOTA’s Inaugural Conference in Iasi, Romania. A generous gift from the Orthodox Theological Society in America has provided a four-night hotel stay and waived-registration fees to a diverse group of scholars from throughout the Orthodox world. We are pleased to introduce each of these scholars and their conference papers:

Rev. Dr. Christophe D’Aloisio
Brussels, Belgium

Orthodoxy in the Public Square and Media
Paper Title: “Orthodoxy and the Sense of Humour”

Dr. Petre Maican
Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Political Theology
Paper Title: Overcoming Exclusion: “Human Rights and Disability from a Christological Perspective”

Dr. Tamar Goguadze
Tibilsi, Georgia

Theology and the Arts
Paper Title: “The Patristic Appreciation of the Gift of Artistic Talent”

Fr. Dr. John Njoroge
Meru, Kenya

Ecumenical Dialogue
Paper Title: “Towards an Africanized Orthodox Church: A Dialogue between Orthodoxy and African Religious Particularities”

Mr. Marius Dorobantu
Strasbourg, France

Religion and Science
Paper Title: “Strong Artificial Intelligence and Orthodox theological anthropology: challenging the concept of Imago Dei

Dr. Romilo Knežević
Paris, France

Philosophical Theology
Paper Title: “Outside of God: A Theanthropic Scrutiny of Nietzsche’s Concept of Chaos and Berdyaev’s Notion of the Ungrund

Dr. Vitalii Tkachuk
Kyiv, Ukraine

Liturgical Studies
Paper Title: “Antyminses and the Tradition of Liturgical Commemoration in the Kyivan Orthodox Metropolitanate During 17th and 18th Centuries”

Dr. Sotiris Mitralexis

Paper Title: “A Pro-Conciliar Afterthought on the Need of Critical Engagement”

Dr. Olga Sevastyanova
Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Dogmatic Theology
Paper Title: “Work of the Holy Spirit or Hellenistic Spiritualisation? To Florovsky’s Defence of Orthodox Ascetic Spirituality”

Rev. Fr. Alexandros Chouliaras
Athens, Greece

Moral Theology and Theological Anthropology
Paper Title: “St Gregory Palamas on the Spiritual Senses: Ecstasis, Apophasis, Theosis, and the Passionate Part of the Soul”