All These Things into Position: What Theology Can Learn From RadioheadAll These Things Into Position: What Theology Can Learn From Radiohead by Peter Bouteneff, Robert Cady Saler

Radiohead is simultaneously one of the most experimental and most successful rock bands on the planet. While their lyrics rarely reference religion, in this book Robert Saler argues that the discipline of Christian theology has a great deal to learn from the band when it comes to unflinching engagement with the world’s brokenness and its longing for redemption. Market dynamics, the influence of capitalism on art, ecological theology, aesthetics, and Christology all come together as Saler asks what it might mean for Radiohead to “soundtrack” a theology of defiance against the forces that create death in our daily lives.

ISBN: 1532606796
Published by Cascade Books on July 19, 2019
Pages: 118
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