IOTA Explained in Four Minutes by Dr. Paul Gavrilyuk (Jerusalem Symposium, January 2018)

Speaker: Dr. Paul Gavrilyuk, Founding President – International Orthodox Theological Association

Mr. Catalin Jeckel, Site Chair of the International Orthodox Theological Association, relates how the Archbishopric of Iasi is preparing for the Inaugural Conference in Romania on 9-12 January 2019. Mr. Jeckel discusses the focus of the conference and such organizational details as hotels at which the participants will stay, worship services, and the opening ceremony. The conference is supported by the leadership of the Romanian Orthodox Church and other church leaders worldwide.

IOTA Site Chair, Mr. Catalin Jeckel, talks about the main cultural, educational, and ecclesiastical landmarks of the city of Iasi, which is a site of IOTA’s Inaugural Conference on 9-12 January 2019.

Dr. Paul L. Gavrilyuk, Founding President of the International Orthodox Theological Association, shares developing plans for IOTA’s inaugural conference in Iasi, Romania on 9-12 January 2019.

The Symposium “Envisioning the Future of Worldwide Orthodoxy” took place in Jerusalem, on January 10-12, 2018. The event was organized by the International Orthodox Theological Association (IOTA) in order to articulate a common vision for IOTA’s work and to and to prepare the Inaugural Conference to be held in Iaşi, Romania next year.

Dr. Peter Bouteneff
Dogmatic Theology Group, Co-Chair

Dr. Michael Hjälm
Ecclesiology Group, Co-Chair

Dr. Alexis Torrance
Moral Theology and Theological Anthropology Group, Co-Chair

Dr. Richard Swinburne
Philosophy of Religion Group, Co-Chair

Dr. Ionuț Alexandru Tudorie
Romanian Orthodoxy Group, Co-Chair