IOTA is a US non-profit organization, established in accordance with US and Illinois non-profit law and best practices, and governed by a self-perpetuating board of directors. We welcome members for the purpose of supporting the mission of IOTA, including attending conferences and promoting collaboration among Orthodox Christian scholars around the world.

As colleagues, IOTA members have obligations that derive from a shared community steeped in Church life, academic pursuits, and professional endeavors. IOTA members do not discriminate against or harass colleagues. They respect and defend the free inquiry of associates, even when it leads to findings and conclusions that differ from their own. IOTA members acknowledge academic debt and strive to be objective in their professional judgment of colleagues. IOTA members uphold the highest ethical and professional standards at all times. (Adapted from a recommended code of ethics for the academy.)


Membership Benefits include conference registration fee discounts; preferred conference housing rates; newsletters; 10% discount on IOTA merchandise.

Regular Membership ($45) is open to Orthodox scholars with doctorates in the fields pertinent to Orthodox Christian studies.

Associated Membership ($45) is open to scholars of other faith traditions with doctorates and research interests in fields pertinent to Eastern Christian studies.

Professional Membership ($45) is open to Orthodox professionals interested in Orthodox Christian studies.

Community Membership ($45) is open to interested community members. These members are welcome to attend conferences, but not eligible to present papers.

Student Membership ($20) is open to students currently pursuing doctoral or other advanced degrees pertinent to Orthodox Christian studies.

Supported Membership ($20) is open to individuals with an annual income of €20,000 or less, or a person experiencing financial hardship, who fit the requirements for regular, affiliate, or professional membership.

Institutional Membership is open to Orthodox Christian institutions, such as seminaries, academies, centers, societies, and publishing houses. Institutional membership benefits include a booth or table at the conference exhibit and an opportunity to hold one reception (space permitting; food and drinks are extra).  Contact IOTA President