Book Exhibit

The conference will feature a book exhibit located in the lobby of Park Hotel. All proceeds from the charitable book sale will go towards IOTA’s travel grant fund. Interested scholars and publishing houses may donate their books by bringing them to the check-in desk at Park Hotel or sending them to:

Volos Academy for Theological Studies
c/o Ms. Valila Giannoutaki
Thessalia Conference Hall
Holy Metropolis of Demetrias
City: Volos, Zip Code: 38500. Country: Greece.
Phone: +30 6951978332
[email protected]

Volos Academy is located in Melissatika Village, which has no street names or house numbers.

Since space is limited, individual scholars may send no more than 2 copies of the same book.

Publishers may send up to 10 copies of the same book, but must be responsible for retrieving or shipping back any unsold books at the end of the conference.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.