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What Is IOTA?

Founded in 2017, the International Orthodox Theological Association is a community of scholars and professionals dedicated to the worldwide exchange of knowledge within the context of the Orthodox Tradition. Read more…  

How IOTA Works

IOTA consists of over twenty-five groups, each representing a distinct knowledge domain pertinent to Orthodox Christian Studies. The groups are led by internationally respected Orthodox scholars. Read more… 

News: IOTA Publications Launched

IOTA Publications has produced its first volume titled Pilgrims toward the Kingdom: the Beginnings of the International Orthodox Theological Association. The volume tells IOTA’s story in color by:

  • Discussing the main issues that the Orthodox Church faces today
  • Including vision statements from IOTA’s 25 thematic groups
  • Commemorating IOTA’s 2019 Conference and contains its Historical Program
  • Including the full text of the conference keynote address by Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) discussing the problem of divisions
  • Featuring beautiful illustrations with 166 full-color photographs and images
  • If you joined us in Iași, you are likely to find yourself in this volume!

Click here to purchase the book in paperback or ebook format, read the book online (for IOTA members), or download a free sampler.

Recent Book Reviews in the IOTA Forum

George Demacopoulos, Colonizing Christianity: Greek and Latin Religious Identity in the Era of the Fourth Crusade, reviewed by Candace Lukasik. | “The Global Orthodoxy conference of early October 2020 convened Eastern and Oriental Orthodox perspectives to think about the impact of community migration on identity formation in the wake of colonialism and communism. During one of the opening sessions, a participant wondered aloud if and how Orthodox Christianity is compatible with modernity, gesturing toward its opposition rather than its reconstitution by modern power structures. Underlying this question is a presupposition of alterity between a traditional Christian East and a modern Christian West. The assumptions of this particular question are what animate George Demacopoulos’ recent thought experiment in Colonizing Christianity…” Read more…

A response from Andrew Geleris, MD to David Bentley Hart’s That All Shall Be Saved. | “The following is a response to David Bentley Hart’s book and the subsequent excellent reviews by Fr. Michael Plekon and Dr. David Ford. I would like to suggest that important pastoral reasons may account for the Orthodox tradition’s conflicting perspectives concerning the existence of an eternal hell. I would also like to add a thought about the issue of free will and then about how we Christians view the topic of hell in our relationships with other people…” Read more…

Oleg Davydov, The Revelation of Love: The Trinitarian Truth of Being, reviewed by Pavlo Smytsnyuk. | “The publication of Oleg Davydov’s book sparked a scandal in contemporary Russian theology. Many accused Davydov of not sufficiently grounding his claims in the Orthodox tradition and of suggesting that confessional boundaries are irrelevant. He was criticized for his “ambiguous dogmatic formulations” and attempts to promote filioque as acceptable doctrine within the school of Russian theology. This controversy culminated in the author’s dismissal from his position as professor at the Moscow Theological Academy. This scandal has undoubtedly increased interest in Davydov’s book. Unfortunately, however, attention has generally been focused on a very limited number of Davydov’s propositions, excluding discussion of the argument and style of the book as a whole. This is very unfortunate, since it is the latter that displays an originality that can be regarded as a contribution to contemporary Russian theology. Creative and constructive theology is virtually nonexistent in the post-Soviet space. Davydov’s original approach is a positive exception.” Read more…


IOTA in Numbers

Inaugural Conference: 250 speakers from 40 countries

YouTube Channel: 40,000+ views of 100+ videos featuring IOTA scholars, and over 600 subscribers.

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Inaugural Conference

With 300 speakers from 40 countries, IOTA’s Inaugural Conference in Iasi, Romania was the largest international gathering of Orthodox scholars in modern history. Read more…

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