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What Is IOTA?

Founded in 2017, the International Orthodox Theological Association is a community of scholars and professionals dedicated to the worldwide exchange of knowledge within the context of the Orthodox Tradition. Read more… 

How IOTA Works

IOTA consists of over twenty-five groups, each representing a distinct knowledge domain pertinent to Orthodox Christian Studies. The groups are led by internationally respected Orthodox scholars. Read more… 

News: Recent Book Reviews in the IOTA Forum

Terrence Malick (writer/director), A Hidden Life, film reviewed by Jack Louis Pappas. | “With his scaffold, ladder, brushes, smock, and paint, a local artisan labors to restore the faded and sun-bleached iconography of his modest parish church while a young man watches beside him. ‘I help the people imagine that if they lived in Christ’s time, they wouldn’t have done what the others did,’ he whispers to the young man. ‘I paint their comfortable Christ with a halo over his head. We love him. That’s enough. Someday, I’ll paint a true Christ.’ The young man whom the artisan addresses is Franz Jägerstätter. The year is 1940. In less than four years, Jägerstätter will be executed for his refusal to swear an oath of loyalty to Adolf Hitler.” Read more…

Angie Heo, The Political Lives of Saints: Christian-Muslim Mediation in Egypt, reviewed by Sarah Riccardi-Swartz. | “Orthodox Christianity, in its various global formations, has two features that are rarely brought together in thoughtful, intersectional consideration: saints as transtemporal mediators and how socio-political encounters, forces, and institutions both contour and are shaped by religious material practices. In The Political Lives of Saints: Christian‐Muslim Mediation in Egypt, anthropologist Angie Heo draws on thirty-four months of fieldwork with Coptic Christian and Muslim communities in Egypt…” Read more…

Michael Plekon, The World as Sacrament: An Ecumenical Path toward a Worldly Spirituality, reviewed by Adam DeVille. | “A new book by Michael Plekon is always a welcome event. It is, like all his works, marked by a refreshing and gracious breadth and openness to a variety of sources. It is also, as the title will indicate, an entirely unapologetic refusal to allow such concepts as ‘ecumenical’ and ‘worldly spirituality’ to be distorted and denounced by self-styled (and often self-congratulating) ‘traditionalists.’” Read more…

IOTA in Numbers

Inaugural Conference: 250 speakers from 40 countries

YouTube Channel: 40,000+ views of 100+ videos featuring IOTA scholars, and over 600 subscribers.

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Inaugural Conference

With 300 speakers from 40 countries, IOTA’s Inaugural Conference in Iasi, Romania was the largest international gathering of Orthodox scholars in modern history. Read more…

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