Conference Book Exhibit to Benefit the Emergent Scholars

In the spirit of international collaboration, all IOTA members are welcome to bring one-two author’s copies of their books to be exhibited and sold at the Inaugural Conference on January 9-12, 2019 in Iasi, Romania. 100% of all proceeds of the Book Exhibit will go to support travel grants for emergent scholars to the next IOTA conference. The Exhibit has three goals: to provide international exposure for the work of the IOTA members; to offer first-rate publications at prices affordable to scholars in non-western countries; and to support future conference travel for the emergent scholars. The authors whose books will not be claimed at the exhibit could opt to donate them to the library of the Faculty of Theology in Iasi.

Suggested pricing of the books at the Exhibit: 10 euros for paperbacks and 20 euros (or higher) for hardcovers.

Materials, Exhibits, and Sponsorship

In the spirit of our mission of promoting international collaboration and the exchange of knowledge in the world of Orthodox scholarship, IOTA welcomes the dissemination of approved materials regarding the mission and purpose of Orthodox nonprofits or equivalent organizations, including seminaries. In order to receive approval to disseminate such material, please submit this form (Request for Dissemination of Materials) to the IOTA Secretary, Dr. Carrie Frederick Frost ([email protected]), by January 2, 2019. No fee is required for dissemination of an approved organization’s materials.

There are many ways that you can support the mission of IOTA

Type of Sponsorship Amount Benefits
Co-laborer Sponsorship $325 Gives Orthodox nonprofit or equivalent organizations, including seminaries, and opportunity to share their mission and purpose, as well as organizational materials, in an Organizations Session. To seek this opportunity, submit this form (Registration for Co-laborer) to the IOTA secretary.
Institutional Membership $1,000 and up $1,000 provides membership for the first 10 members of a member institution; $2,000 for up to twenty individual members, and so on
Conference Exhibit Booth $2,000 Provides table, shelves, and logo of a member institution at the IOTA conference
Banquet Co-Sponsorship $3,000 Listed as one of the co-sponsors of the Conference Banquet; the Institution’s Logo is displayed at the Banquet
Travel Grant Sponsorship $3,500 Provides travel grants for the conference housing and registration for ten speakers
Coffee Break Sponsorship $5,000 Sponsorship of one coffee break is printed in the program
Wine Reception Sponsorship $10,000 Institution hosts one wine reception for one hour before dinner on one of the days of the conference
Conference Program Sponsorship $25,000 Institution is listed as a co-sponsor of the Conference on the Conference Program, other terms to be discussed
Benefactor Sponsorship $50,000 Provides funds for conference preparation, advertisement, and dissemination of conference results through videos and publications; provides funds for Chairs’ Symposia
Sustainer Sponsorship $100,000 Provides funds for IOTA’s conferences and other related activities, such as educational and research projects
Endowment Fund $500,000 Makes IOTA’s work sustainable long-term
To make a contribution, click here
To discuss your sponsorship ideas, contact IOTA President at [email protected]