First volume from IOTA Publications:

Pilgrims Toward the Kingdom: The Beginnings of the International Orthodox Theological Association

  • Discusses the main issues that the Orthodox Church faces today
  • Includes an essay by Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) addressing the problem of divisions
  • Commemorates IOTA’s 2019 Conference and contains its Historical Program
  • Features beautiful illustrations with 166 full-color photographs and images
  • If you joined us in Iași, you are likely to find yourself in this volume!


The sampler includes the Table of Contents, some photos, and the index of names and institutions.

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Imagine a global communion of the Orthodox churches united in their mission of proclaiming Christ to a troubled world. Envision a world in which the Orthodox Church has regained the power of its prophetic witness. Picture the faith spreading around the world as fast as it did at the time of the apostles. Imagine the Church’s leaders keeping a razor-sharp focus on mission, education, and pastoral care instead of being preoccupied with problems of governance, authority, and canonical territory. Consider the seminaries offering education of the highest caliber in order to produce a new generation of clergy and lay leaders well-equipped to deal with the challenges of our time. Assume that in order to address those challenges, the leadership of the global Church draws upon robust pan-Orthodox institutions. Dare to believe that some of these things could actually become a reality and you will understand the impulse behind the creation of the International Orthodox Theological Association (IOTA).

    1. A Conciliar Moment
    2. Early Discussions
    3. Formation of Groups
    4. Incorporation
    1. Meeting in the Holy Land
    2. Shaping IOTA
    3. Group Vision Statements
    1. Preparations
    2. The Opening Day
      1. Opening Address, Teofan (Savu), Archbishop of Iaşi and Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina
      2. Welcome Address, Daniel (Ciobotea), Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church
      3. Presidential Address, Paul L. Gavrilyuk, Founding President of IOTA
      4. Keynote Address, Kallistos (Ware), Metropolitan of Diokleia
    3. Conference Overview
    4. Co-Laborer Organizations
    5. Worship and the Local Community
    6. Conference Program
    7. Opportunities for Growth
  • List of Illustrations
  • Index of Names and Organizations

Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware): “The International Orthodox Theological Association is performing a ministry essential for the life of the worldwide Orthodox Church, and it is a ministry that no one else at present is fulfilling. As Orthodox thinkers and pastors we have everything to gain by keeping closely in touch with one another, both through publications and still more through personal contacts at conferences. Long may it continue to flourish!”

Archbishop Alexander Golitzin: “In January 2019, IOTA held its Inaugural Conference in Iași, Romania. It was the consummation of a long-held hope and fulfilled every expectation. The hospitality of the local church and the welcome afforded us by Metropolitan Teofan of Iași were lavish and overwhelming. Over 250 speakers from forty countries – scholars, clergy, and lay leaders – made presentations covering virtually every aspect of the  Church’s contemporary life and ancient past. I was myself profoundly moved by the occasion and hope that the conferences will continue on a regular basis into the future.”

Dr. Marcus Plested, Marquette University: “IOTA is a unique pan-Orthodox theological forum that not only enables academic growth and exchange but also actively fosters Orthodox unity. In these troubled times for church unity, such a forum is of inestimable value. Opportunities for Orthodox scholars to meet on a global level are few and far between. In many ways, IOTA fills something of the gap left by the current relative inactivity of the Orthodox youth fellowship Syndesmos, once a vibrant place of encounter between Orthodox of all stripes. IOTA promises to continue to enable and enhance the theological voice of the Orthodox Church while also forging bonds between members of the various local churches. It is a splendid and much-needed initiative.”

Fr. Harry Pappas reviews the book in the Journal of Orthodox Christian Studies, vol. 5, no. 2 (2022):

“With sufficient discernment that includes requisite testing over time, every manifestation of the Holy Spirit has the same result: a palpable experience of communion with the Holy Trinity among the chosen people of God.”

Read the full review at this link.

Paul L. Gavrilyuk is an Orthodox historian and theologian, who holds the Aquinas Chair in Theology and Philosophy in the Theology Department of the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. He is the founding president of the International Orthodox Theological Association.