Risto Aikonen (Orthodox Education Group)
Bruce Beck (Biblical Studies Group)
Radu Bordeianu (Romanian Orthodoxy Group)
Peter Bouteneff (Dogmatic Theology Group)
David Bradshaw (Philosophy of Religion Group)
Anna Briskina (Slavic Orthodoxy Group)
George Demacopoulos (Byzantine Orthodoxy Group)
Nicholas Denysenko (Liturgical Studies Group)
Ivan Dimitrov (Ecumenical Dialogue Group)
Bohdan Djakovic (Church Music Group)
Carrie Frederick Frost (Women in the Orthodox Church Group)
Paul Gavrilyuk (Patristics Group)
Perry Hamalis (Moral Theology & Theological Anthropology Group)
David Heith-Stade (Canon Law & Pastoral Theology Group)
Michael Hjälm (Ecclesiology Group)
Cyril Hovorun (Ecclesiology Group)
Edith Humphrey (Biblical Studies Group)
Pantelis Kalaitzidis (Political Theology Group)
Eleni Kasselouri-Hatzivassiliadi (Women in the Orthodox Church Group)
Assad Elias Kattan (Christianity in the Middle East Group)
Vladimir Khulap (Orthodox Theological Institutions Group)
Chris Knight (Religion & Science Group)
Alison Kolosova (Missiology Group)
Catalin Jeckel (Site Chair for the Inaugural Conference)
Lucian Leustean (Orthodoxy, Politics, and International Relations Group)
Alexander Lingas (Liturgical Studies Group)
Andrew Louth (Byzantine Orthodoxy Group)
Vasilios Makrides (Orthodoxy in the Public Square and Media Group)
John McGuckin (Patristics Group)
Lina Molokotos-Liederman (Orthodoxy in the Public Square and Media Group)
Ivan Moody (Church Music Group)
Michael Oleska (Missiology Group)
Irina Paert (Orthodox Asceticism & Spirituality Group)
John Panteleimon Manoussakis (Philosophical Theology Group)
Aristotle Papanikolaou (Political Theology Group)
Marcus Plested (Orthodox Asceticism & Spirituality Group)
Elizabeth Prodromou (Orthodoxy, Politics, and International Relations Group)
Vera Shevzov (Slavic Orthodoxy Group)
James Skedros (Orthodox Theological Institutions Group)
Michel Stavrou (Dogmatic Theology Group)
Richard Swinburne (Philosophy of Religion Group)
Alexis Torrance (Moral Theology & Theological Anthropology Group)
Elizabeth Theokritoff (Religion & Science Group)
Alexander Treiger (Christianity in the Middle East Group)
Ionut Alexandru Tudorie (Romanian Orthodoxy Group)
Petros Vassiliadis (Ecumenical Dialogue Group)
Patriciu Vlaicu (Canon Law & Pastoral Theology Group)
Tony Vrame (Orthodox Education Group)
Gayle Woloschak (Religion & Science Group)
Igor Zaitsev (Philosophical Theology Group)