Who are IOTA’s Co-Laborers?

IOTA Co-Laborers are organizations working in the vineyard with IOTA (1 Cor. 3), seeking to serve as instruments of church renewal. IOTA created the Co-Laborer membership for nonprofit or equivalent organizations, including seminaries, in order to showcase their worthy endeavors at conferences, further their good work, and allow them a venue for cooperation and fruitful discourse among themselves.

Becoming an IOTA Co-Laborer

If your organization is interested in becoming an IOTA Co-Laborer, contact the IOTA Secretary: [email protected]. The fee for Co-Laborer Organizations is $325 in advance of each four-year IOTA mega-conference.

Benefits of Co-Laborer membership include:

  • Participation in our IOTA Co-laborers Session at each mega-conference;
  • The ability to organize one 60-90 minute paper session at a mega-conference, subject to the approval of the IOTA Board;
  • The permission to distribute and display materials about the mission and initiatives of the Co-Laborer organization at IOTA conferences; and
  • Gratitude from IOTA for cooperation in our work.

IOTA appreciates its 2019 Co-Laborers: